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Delta Obstruction Lighting -
Aircraft warning light specialists

Delta specialises in the design, manufacture, installation and maintenance of LED aircraft warning lights and warning beacons. We are UK based but can supply and install either an individual obstruction light or entire lighting systems anywhere in the world. We are the best source for aviation Lights for any location.

With the increase of technological developments, the use of high rise structures has vastly increased. In turn, the need to safely warn aircraft of these structures with airport lights is a paramount safety concern which is where we have a wealth of experience and expertise.

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Support containing obstruction lights

Why Do I Need Aircraft Warning Lights?

Any high rise obstacle that can be of hazard to aircraft should be marked with obstacle warning lights, such as any high buildings or towers or an oil rig. Lights will prevent collisions and with the increase of technological developments, the use of high rise structures has vastly increased.

The Delta Difference

Delta also has the experience and capability to monitor the aviation lights by GSM communicators and ensure their correct operation. Delta's Call Alert Director notifies your mobile phone of the complete service status of your system.

As well as manufacturing our own bespoke branded aviation warning light systems, we are also the official installation contractors, distributors and agents of big brands such as Honeywell, Orga and Flash Technology USA.

Another unique feature of Delta is our ability to install LED systems at height for any aircraft warning light, in collaboration with our sister company, Delta International.

Delta are one of the most experienced companies working in the industry when it comes to working at height, and we can therefore give you a complete service based on not only the design and supply, but also the installation on any obstacle light systems and airport lights anywhere in the world.

You can purchase LED warning lights using this site and delivery is automatically calculated to your country. Of course if you have any queries about our products, please contact us either via this site or our 24hr number where one of our representatives will give you all the advice and help you require.

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